Chris Christensen Show Dog System With 42" x 24" Symmetry Mat

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Includes: (1) 42” x 24” Symmetry Mat, (1) 16 oz Self Rinse Plus, and (1) Medium Kärben Slicker Brush.

The perfect bundle for the show dog exhibitor! A perfect gift for a new handler starting out or someone that would like to upgrade their tools. Our symmetry mat is perfect for stacking practice and getting that show cut just right by using the grid to achieve symmetry and balance in your trim. Self Rinse Plus is your go-to for show day bathing and touch-ups and is a wonderful product for show dogs of all breeds. Lastly, our Kärben Slicker Brush is the “Goldilocks” of slicker brushes. The pins are not too short, not too long – they’re just right! Can be used to fluff dry, straighten, volumize and perfect your show dog’s style.

Symmetry Mat

The Chris Christensen Safe-T Symmetry mats offers a grid pattern that allows you to easily line up your dog for stacking practice and makes a comfortable place for your dog to stand while on the table. The grid allows you to visualize your stack and see exactly how you need to stack your dog’s legs for the perfect stack, every time. When trimming, the grid allows you to make sure the coat is the desired length and proportion!

  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Non-slip
  • 42” x 24”

Self-Rinse Plus

This no rinse shampoo is perfect when running water is unavailable or when a quick clean-up is needed. It is used extensively at dog shows for cleaning and styling purposes

  • Great for spot cleaning and deodorizing
  • Use for your show day grooming to freshen up the coat
  • Use between baths or for last minute touch-ups
  • Brightens and whitens
  • Designed for light coats, but may be used with all coat colors

Kärben Slicker Brush

The Kärben Slicker brush by Chris Christensen is expertly crafted to cater to the needs of Groomers, Handlers, Dog Show Enthusiasts, and Pet Owners aiming for an effective tool to manage the integrity of the coat. Kärben Slicker Brushes are perfect for removing tangles, matts, shedding coat, and debris, while keeping coats well maintained to prevent impacted matting which could lead to irritation on the skin. May also be used to fluff the coat, along with brushing out thick, dense, coat types. Available in our three most popular brush sizes, Kärben Slickers feature an ergonomic handle and 17mm pin length with high-quality stainless steel pins nested within a stylish black pin pad.

  • 17mm pin length
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Ideal for all coat types
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Chris Christensen Show Dog System With 42" x 24" Symmetry Mat
Our Price total: $166.00
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