Chris Christensen 011 6" NTS Staggered Tooth Buttercomb


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This Chris Christensen Buttercomb is designed to quickly and safely remove mats and tangles from your pet's coat. This heavyweight de-matting comb uses it's own weight to glide through the coat without breakage. The stainless steel teeth and ultra-thick spine create a strong, long lasting tool that is comfortable to use.

Spine Length: 6"
Teeth Length: 1-1/4"
Teeth/inch: 1/8" staggered teeth front to back

  • Designed to make removing mats and tangles easy and quick
  • Solid brass core with a ultra-thick spine
  • Grounded and rounded teeth glide through the coat like butter
  • Steel teeth with highly finished tips and quality nickel chrome finish
  • Unique design is seamless & smooth so it won't catch hair
  • Made in Japan