How to Use Top Cat Grooming Products

How to Use Top Cat Grooming Products

Chris Christensen Top Cat Collection

Hello, there! At Chris Christensen, we believe that while not every cat is a show cat, every cat deserves to be a Chis Christensen Top Cat, because why shouldn't they? That's why we designed a line of feline-specific products! By focusing on the needs of cats, we have designed an exceptional line of products that cover each of the cat coat types, and solves a variety of problems show cat enthusiasts face such as stud tail, and getting the right texture for the coat.

Why Choose Top Cat Products?

When it comes to grooming your beloved feline friend, nothing but the best will do. That's why Top Cat products stand out from the rest. Here's why you should trust Top Cat to deliver the ultimate grooming experience for your furry companion:

1. Reduced Fragrances:

We understand that cats have sensitive noses, which is why we've minimized fragrances in our products. With Top Cat, you can rest assured that your cat won't be overwhelmed by strong scents.

2. Removed Dyes:

Dyes can sometimes irritate your cat's skin or coat, leading to discomfort or allergic reactions. That's why we've removed dyes from our formulas, ensuring a gentle and safe grooming experience for your furry friend.

3. Clean Ingredients:

Your cat deserves the best, which is why we've carefully selected clean and high-quality ingredients for our products. From our shampoos to our color treatments, you can trust that Top Cat products are specifically formulated with your cat's well-being in mind.

4. Made in the USA:

We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products, which is why all Top Cat products are proudly made in the USA. By manufacturing locally, we can ensure that our products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

With Top Cat, you can trust that your cat will receive nothing but the best care and grooming experience. Rest assured, all Top Cat products have been human-tested and are safe for your beloved cats. Say goodbye to worries about harsh fragrances, irritating dyes, or questionable ingredients – and say hello to a happier, healthier, and more pampered cat.

How to Use Top Cat Grooming Products

That's why we've curated an exceptional line of grooming products designed to elevate your feline friend to true Top Cat status. Whether they're strutting their stuff in the spotlight or lounging at home, our products are here to solve a variety of problems, from stud tail to coat texture. So, let's dive into the ultimate feline bathing routine and take a “Top Cat Bath.” 

  Chris Christensen Top Cat Pre-Bath Degreaser

Step 1: Degrease with Top Cat Pre-Bath Degreaser

Before you even think about running the bathwater, it's time to tackle any stubborn grease buildup. Our Top Cat Pre-Bath Degreaser is your secret weapon – simply apply before the bath to safely remove grease without drying out your cat's precious skin and coat. Using a dime size amount, gently work into the coat with your fingers all the way down to the skin. Add more as needed and work into the coat for 3-4 minutes. Remove by wiping away with a clean cloth or rinsing. Say goodbye to oily residues and hello to a fresh start!

Chris Christensen Top Cat Shampoos

Step 2: Cleanse with Top Cat Shampoos and Facial Wash

Now that your cat is degreased and ready to go, it's time to get down to business with our Top Cat Shampoos. Clean deeply while adding volume or shine – the choice is yours! We recommend starting with our Top Cat Clarifying Shampoo. Apply undiluted directly to wet coat. Gently work into a lather and allow to remain on the coat for up to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your favorite Top Cat Shampoo, such as Top Cat Volume Shampoo or Top Cat Shine Shampoo, or condition as normal.

And don't forget about the Top Cat Facial Wash, specially formulated to pamper your cat's delicate facial area and human-verified tearless. Apply Top Cat Facial Wash directly to wet coat and gently work into a lather with your fingers OR apply to a damp washcloth and gently wash cat's face. Rinse and repeat if necessary. With our gentle yet effective products, bath time just got a whole lot more luxurious for our feline friends.

Top Cat Color Treatment Shampoos

Step 3: Intensify with Top Cat Color Treatments

For those looking to take their cat's coat to the next level, our Top Cat Color Treatments are a must-have. Whether you're aiming for brilliant whites, vibrant colors, or custom shades, our color treatments deliver stunning results that will make your cat stand out from the crowd. Get ready to turn heads at the next cat show!

We always recommend that you start with a strand test to determine if your pet is a good candidate for color treatments. As we previously mentioned, always start with with Top Cat Clarifying Shampoo. Once rinsed and excess water has been squeezed out, apply any of our Color Treatments such as Brilliant Black, Gorgeous Gold, Radiant Red or Wonderful White directly to coat. Use undiluted or custom to enhance your pet’s natural tones without the use of harsh chemicals. Work into a lather and allow to remain on the coat for up to ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Note: do not use Radiant Red on coats that are lighter than the product.

Chris Christensen Top Cat Finishing Rinse

Step 4: Moisturize and Protect with Top Cat Finishing Rinse

After the bath, seal in all the goodness with our Top Cat Finishing Rinse. As a final rinse or conditioner, this is the last step in your Top Cat routine. Apply directly to a rinsed coat, work through the coat from root to ends. Allow to remain on the coat for up to three minutes, then rinse. Use undiluted or dilute up to 8:1.

Not only does it seal cuticle, sealing in all Top Cat Color Treatments and manageability, but it also cuts down drying time by 30%. Who doesn’t love saving time? It also protects the coat from damage without weighing it down.

The Purr-fect Cat Grooming Tools

Now that your cat is bathed and dried, you must be finished. But wait! No Top Cat routine is complete without the purr-fect tools. Our Cat Buttercombs glide through the coat like butter, while our Karben Slicker Brushes are the "Goldilocks" of slicker brushes – not too short, not too long, just right! Their pins are 17mm long and perfect for longer cat coats. We also have other options including our Mark Slicker Brushes that have a 12mm pin and are great for shorter cat coats and our Mark V Triangle Slicker Brush that is great for behind ears and armpits. 

And don't forget: never brush a dry coat! Always begin by misting the coat with our Top Cat Anti-Static Spray, which tames even the unruliest fur with ease. Having some sort of lubrication to help your brush and comb glide through is important to prevent damage and reduce static. Once the coat becomes statically charged, it picks up debris easier and becomes dirty faster. This spray helps the coat repel debris. And with that, you have now completed a Top Cat Bath and Brush! 

With a commitment to quality, safety, and effectiveness, Top Cat offers a range of grooming solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every cat. From reduced fragrances and removed dyes to clean ingredients and USA-made excellence, Top Cat ensures that your cat receives nothing but the best care and pampering. Trust in Top Cat to elevate your cat's grooming routine to new heights and keep your furry friend looking and feeling their absolute best. Choose Top Cat and let your cat shine like the true star they are! So why wait? Elevate your cat's grooming routine to new heights with Top Cat Grooming Products today! Choose Top Cat for the ultimate grooming experience for your furry friend.

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