Health and Happiness Heroes: All Natural Alternatives

Health and Happiness Heroes: All Natural Alternatives

Keeping our furry family members healthy and happy is our number one priority as dog and cat Moms and Dads. At Chris Christensen Systems, we know how scary it can be to put things on your dog or cat and not know if it’s good for them, much less if it will work. That’s why we offer all-natural, gentle, and food-grade options to keep your pet happy and healthy.


Peace & Kindness Colloidal Silver Spray, Gel and Shampoo, is the perfect all-natural antibiotic and steroid alternative to heal a variety of skin issues. Peace & Kindness helps to speed healing time, and helps fight allergies. Colloidal silver works to quickly relieve itching, swelling, and also kills bacteria and fungi, healing and preventing infections.

Peace & Kindness is the only true hypo-allergenic shampoo on the market, because it contains colloidal silver, and no added perfumes or dyes.

Did you know? Bacteria and fungi cannot live in the presence of silver. That’s why, in the days of the Bubonic Plague, those who had money ate off of silver plates and forks, and didn’t get sick, even though they too lived with infested rats. The silver utensils kept the bacteria from getting onto their food, and into their bodies.


Made with all-natural, food-grade enzymes and essential oils, Gotcha! Odor Exploder is 100% safe to use on and around, puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats, and even human babies! Gotcha! Odor Exploder is unlike any other odor eliminating product on the market – it doesn’t simply cover up the odor, it demolishes it.

Gotcha! Odor Exploder works by disassembling odors at the molecular level, taking them apart atom by atom. Gotcha! completely removes the odor at the source. Gotcha! works on a variety of ‘natural’ odors, such as body odor, urine, feces, ‘in heat’ smell, skunk spray, cigarettes, and more!

Pro Tip: Lisa Christensen actually uses Gotcha as a cleaning agent in their home! She uses it to mop the floors, and to freshen the dogs’ bedding and their furniture. Lisa and Chris have over 14 Papillons in their house, and you’d never know it!


Mystic Ear Ear Cleaner is a gentle, non-greasy ear cleaner designed to dry quickly, and deep clean the outer ear canal. Mystic Ear Ear Cleaner removes waxes, debris, and dirt from the outer ear canal. Buildup in the ear canal can cause infections, discomfort and even hearing loss, all of which are avoidable with routine ear cleaning.