Equine ProLine Pro-Gro

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ProLine Pro-Gro gives all the benefits of an oiled mane and tail without the oily residue. Pro-Gro is a refinement of a formula in use for over 50 years by professional handlers.

  • Coats the hair and follicles to retain the natural oil of the hair shaft
  • Helps prevent brittleness and breakage
  • No oily residue!
  • Made in the USA


DI-Water, Methyl Paraben USP/NF, Mackconditioner CBC, Pure White Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil 21, Hexylene Glycol, 17901 Lemon Lime, Blue Food Coloring Dye, Yellow Food Coloring Dye


Dispense into hand and work into mane, tail & skin 2-3 times per week. If horse becomes soiled, shampoo between applications. If a spray mist is desired Pro-Gro may be diluted with water. If separated, shake vigorously.