Chris Christensen Equine Ice on Ice Detangling and Finishing Spray

$18.00 - $47.00
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Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling and Finishing Spray adds elasticity and strength to the mane and tail, repels dirt, dust, urine and other pollutants that can damage and break the hair. The water soluable formula can be added to the final rinse for a truly beautiful mane and tail finish.

  • Fortifies and protects the mane and tail
  • Creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture
  • UV protectants prevent fading coat color
  • Dilute concentrate 15:1
  • Made in the USA


Concentrate: Bluesil 872, DMDM Hydantoin

Ready to Use: DI Water, DMDM Hydantoin, Bulk Ice on Ice Concentrate

Directions for Use

FINISHING SPRAY: Mist lightly over the coat mane and tail while brushing to tame fly-a-ways and add a light shine

DEMATTING: Spray liberally on the matt. Work in product with your fingers and loosen the matt by pulling it apart with your fingers. Carefully brush/comb through until the matt is removed. Recommend the additions of the staggered comb for matt removals followed by the wood pin brush for smaller tangles.

CONDITIONING: Using short, quick strokes spray evenly on wet or dry coat. Do not overly saturate. Comb or brush through the mane and tail, making sure ends are treated. Continue normal styling routine